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Welcome to The Little Star Guide to Togo.

Taking its name from a key element of the Togolese flag, this all-new mini-booklet of wonder is a sort of entrée to one of the smallest yet most alluring of the mainland African states.

Prepared with fresh ingredients and well-seasoned with some heat and spice by an impeccable team of native collaborators, we hope this decidedly small but informative guide will entice visitors to this glorious little nation, with a peppering of useful info which anyone may dip into.

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The Little Star Guide to Togo was dreamt up by Chris Wilson, a British graphic designer and lover of adventure, on a visit to Togo in June 2017 in an almost random choice to see a country of which he had previously been unaware.

On applying for a visa, it was noted that the Togo Embassy had no informative literature to offer as an introduction. And few were the available books on the market written specifically for Togo.

So, though non-the-wiser on arriving in Togo, Wilson very quickly became as intrigued by the glorious jumble of lush landscapes and curious buildings as from the lively Togolese themselves. Something about the potential of the place was beginning to stir.

Then, in a 'light-bulb moment' one evening in his Lomé guesthouse, he wondered could his experience in design and new-found love of this country be merged and channeled into something worthwhile? So began months of research, writing and design.

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Designed with an instant "pick me up" appeal in mind, the pocket-sized Little Star Guide to Togo will become the visitor’s instant companion to many aspects of Togo life.

From how to obtain a visa before traveling, to safely getting around on arrival, with suggested places to visit in the city of Lomé as well as exploring the natural beauty of the interior, the guide offers loads of handy info with sections on places to eat, who to trust, emergency contacts, a little Togolese history and a lot of practical tips and advice on how to make your Togo-time more zesty and fun.

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