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© 2018 MSW Creates and Christopher Martin Wilson. All Togo and Global Village rights reserved.

The name The Little Star Guide to Togo, the slogan “The Little Star of West Africa”, and accompanying graphics are the property of MSW Creates and Christopher Martin Wilson for Togo and the Global Village.

Concept, gathering and editing by Christopher Wilson.
Strategic liaison by Aniedi Udeme.
Strategic liaison and French translation by Folly Teko. 
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We endeavour to keep the information in The Little Star Guide to Togo as up-to-date and accurate as is possible in a world that’s constantly changing, and therefore the Publishers cannot accept responsibility for any resulting inconvenience, mishap, disappointment, loss or injury.

Images are for illustrative purposes only.

Photo credits

Copyright for images within this website is as follows. Some images originally posted to Flickr and/or Wiki are used under the Creative Commons Attributions, listed below as CC 2.0 Generic.

Adobe Stock: Fishing boats on Lomé beach; Footprints on beach; Cycling home; Pocket of jeans; Fetish market.
Julius Cruickshank: Frederick and his mum Amida, CC 2.0 Generic.
Göran Höglund: Exotic huts at Coco Beach, CC 2.0 Generic.
iStock: Tamberma huts.
Dan Sloan: Grand Marché with Cathédrale du Sacré-Cœur, CC 2.0 Generic.
Panoramas: Kara sunrise, CC 2.0 Generic.
David Stanley: Ewé Boboba dance, CC 2.0 Generic.
Storyblocks: Sunset; Palm trees; Palm tree beach; Beachscape; Togo flag; Togo flag ruffled.
Chris Wilson: Wilson's feet.

Please note: we have attempted to secure fair 'editorial' use of all images used, however there may be one or two images for which we were unable to trace the copyright holder – if you are the legal holder or designated agent for such please contact us by e-mail at